H-Drill  -  Hole-Drilling Residual Stress Calculation Program

H-DRILL is a specialized computer software for doing the stress calculations for the popular hole-drilling method for measuring residual stresses.
New version v.4.20 (2022):  Features include:

  •   Computes residual stresses according to ASTM E837-20  
  •   User-friendly interface
  •   Works with inch or metric units
  •   Handles blind or through holes
  •   Corrects effects of hole eccentricity  
  •   Works with finite thickness specimens  
  •   Compatible with rosettes from Vishay, BLH and Kyowa  
  •   Accepts rosettes with user-specified dimensions  
  •   Does extensive data error checking
  •   Not restricted to particular hole depths
  •   Integral Method calculations for non-uniform stresses
  •   Uses regularization to stabilize stress solutions
  •   Estimates ranges of stresses for given data uncertainties
  •   Displays results in graphical and numerical formats
  •   Non-directional and fixed principal direction stress calculations
  •   Power Series calculations for linearly varying stresses
  •   Uniform Stress calculations, useful to indicate stress magnitude
  •   Detailed instruction manual and answers to FAQ

 H-Drill is written by Prof. Gary S. Schajer, Vancouver, Canada.

H-DRILL screenshots